All hail Noreen the Wonderful: analysis complete!

Yippee! The analysis of the questionnaires is finally complete – thanks to the technical wizardry and organisational brilliance of Noreen who has been helping me for the last month. We now have 82 co-pro projects and a ripe abundance of techniques, tools and theories to select from for the Co-pro Resource.

Thanks again to all of you for your contributions: the work you are doing is inspirational. And so are you!

Next step is to get the contents finalised; I’ll email a draft for your responses within the next week and Noreen will be asking you for additional details about tools, techniques and theories so that we can firm up what’s to be included in these sections.

Then I’ll start work on the funding application which I hope to complete by mid-July. I’ll be asking for specific assistance from the Advisory Group (are you still there?) but would appreciate any advice, particularly about possible funders.

Assuming that we get the funding, the intention is to form a partnership for the production stage of the Resource, working with colleagues based in England, Scotland and Wales. They will collate/edit existing documents and videos, interview participants and write-up case-studies. Keith Morris has agreed to be the England partner, I am still discussing possibilities with Scottish and Welsh colleagues. Do let me know if you are interested in working on this.

One step closer to the best Co-production Resource in the history of the known universe.


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