About the project

Last November, in a moment of heady enthusiasm brought on by talking to actual live CP practitioners, I emailed members of the Co-practitioners’ Network to ask if you felt that an open-access, not-for-profit co-production toolkit would be useful.

Of the 82 respondents, three-quarters of you agreed that a resource/toolkit of some kind would help those new to co-production, two-thirds also thought it would assist existing practitioners. You wanted something which would provide both an experience-based guide to co-production, and persuasive evidence for the effectiveness of the approach.

the doughty CPR participants set out for the uplands of Success and the butterfly-strewn meadows of Renown

Unsurprisingly, given that we learn best through doing/engaging, you absolutely didn’t want a conventional text-based toolkit. In fact many of you reacted to the word ‘toolkit’ like vampires rolled in garlic-paste – but with less enthusiasm. So the project outcome is now renamed a Co-production Resource (thanks to Eve from Stockport) and it emphatically won’t be an A4 spiral-bound document in 14 point Arial. The form and format is yet to be decided, but it will be designed to engage and involve the audience and to capture the passion and commitment of practitioners. It is intended to inspire, excite, inform, share, persuade, advocate and evidence. It needs to function as an inspirational mentor as much as a factual reference tool. It will provide signposts to quality-assured training & resources. It might be used as part of a training course but it must also communicate effectively in its own right and assist the growth of a shared community of practice.

And it will, of course, be exquisitely co-produced by the 65+ practitioners, participants, commissioners, trainers, consultants and designers who have offered to collaborate. Just a small, unambitious little project then.

This blog, a post-modern and somewhat random version of the Canterbury Tales crossed with Pilgrim’s Progress, will attempt to document the achievements, the adventures, the pitfalls and the pleasures of our journey towards the sunlit uplands of Joyous Success and the verdant pastures of Refulgent Renown.



    • Hi Tony
      Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any funding to put this together…this blog is now inactive and has been replaced by the Co-production Wales blog (allinthistogetherwales.wordpress.com) and we are once again trying to get funding to produce resources and a pile of other things. There are lots of documents and case-studies and some ‘how to’ resources on that site which might be of help. Hope so!
      Best wishes

      • Thanks for keeping me abreast of changes, Ruth. I will indeed follow “all in this together”, and thanks ever so much, for all that you so for social and human development.

  1. Ruth, you are indeed a natural at the blogging – I’ve been chortling my way through the pages! At the same time I can see this is a significant job for some very inspiring groups of practitioners and will pave the way to a great resource! Very exciting, I will be following and if you think there may be anything I can contribute to – please give me a nudge.

  2. I’ve just joined via the link to Co-Production on the SCDC website – I don’t ‘tweet’ (yet) but will be interested to follow and maybe comment throught this blog. Well done for making it available despite IT barriers to other blogs! In these days of rapid change, we all need to give more, and be open to suggestion more, and this is a grand way to do it!. Happy New Year from another Highlander!

    • Thanks Kate and welcome to the blog. I’m hoping to get up to Scotland very soon – would be great to meet up.
      PS tweeting remains entirely beyond me too, though I am a mistress of the whaffle and witter.

    • Thanks for the compliment! You can get automatic updates by clicking on the ’email follow’ heading on the right hand side of the home page. Hope it works – let me know if not…

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