All in this Together events

Event 1. All in this Together: co-production, co-creation and public service delivery

Our first co-pro event was a sell out! The snappily titled All in this together: co-production, co-creation and public service delivery
drew in 64 participants (and a waiting list) from all sectors at at all levels. The Action Network session led to agreement on an inspiring set of aims and objectives (see separate page).

We were treated to a galaxy of stunning presentations – all are about to go on to YouTube so I’ll put links in this blog in the next couple of days. In order of appearance: 

Elke Loeffler, Chief Executive of Governance International, updated us on some of the innovative projects being undertaken in Scotland as part of the Scottish Government’s commitment to build services around people and communities.

Megan Mathias, Director of the Kafka Brigade, offered several case-studies on how organisations can use co-production to disentangle themselves from disfunctional red tape and become more effective, more creative and a good deal less frustrated (triple hoorahs to that).

Paul Thurston of the Service Design Programme at Design Wales, spoke about the impact of design on service delivery. He formed an exquisite double-act with Rosie Farrer, formerly with NESTA Lab, now at Spice London. Rosie spoke about the value of service design, co-design and co-creation for effective and sustainable delivery.

Mark Drakeford is an Assembly Member, chair of the Welsh Government’s Health and Social Care Committee, and professor of Social Policy at Cardiff University. He spoke passionately about the need to define a Welsh co-production model to re-engage with Wales’s traditions of mutuality and reciprocity.

Slides of the presentations are on the resources page of the Co-production Resource Network.

Many thanks to the following organisations for supporting the event: Cardiff Council’s Partnerships & Citizen Focus Team, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Design Council Wales, Kafka Brigade, new economics foundation, Patchwork Circles, Spice. And particular thanks to Cardiff Council’s Rachel Jones who organised the superb venue AND welsh cakes to go with the tea and coffee. Knockout!


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