All in this Together 2

All in this Together 2: towards a Welsh co-production model for public service delivery (snappy title inspired by Mark Drakeford’s passionate plea at the first AitT event)

Well that went well!

Another interesting and jolly event, hosted and facilitated by the lovely folk of Spice and attended by the great, the good and the highly attractive. Sixty-three people signed up, many from the NHS and health sectors lured by the opportunity to hear the superb presentation on People-powered health and changing organisational cultures by Nick Dixon of Stockport Borough Council. Supportive Welsh Government folks have already followed up on this and made contact with Nick. Spice CEO Becky Booth and Geoff Thomas, CEO of TimeBanking Wales told us about the Welsh time banking success story and Geoff introduced us to the mad world of ‘ServiceLand’ – a combination of Gormenghast, Waiting for Godot, and a beige shed. And Rick Wilson from Community Lives Consortium encouraged us to avoid this particular future by getting involved in the Social Services (Wales) bill consultation process. Which is now a priority.

After the tea break we moved one step closer to the revolution, co-producing strategies using the themes identified at the last AitT event – communication, collaboration, evidence, influence & advocacy – plus a new one, lift off, which considered what was needed to get the show on the road.

The outcomes of that, plus the graphic visualisation which Laura Sorvala did for us (her felt-tip pens moving at the speed of light), will go up on our new AitT blog which I hope to finalise in the next few days.

Our AIMS are to:

define a Welsh co-production model for public service delivery;

make co-production the main method of service commissioning, delivery and evaluation in Wales.

Given the knowledge, experience and creativity of our participants, and the support of people at government level, (and the efficacy of persistent cheery nagging), I’d say it’s in our sights!


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