Questionnaire 1: the responses

A heartfelt thank-you to all of you who responded to the initial Questionnaire, whether via email, phone, or face-to-face. Thanks for the ideas, advice, links, references, contacts, documents, conversations and, particularly, for your energy and enthusiasm. I’m in a more-or-less permanent state of inspired delight, despite being so far out of my comfort zone.

A fantastic 84 of you sent in your comments – project leaders, participants, managers, commissioners, designers, researchers, trainers and consultants, from the UK and America (thanks to Tony Budak for taking us across the Atlantic). An overview of the responses is available here: CP Questionnaire1.

Three-quarters of you felt that a resource/toolkit of some kind would be useful for those new to co-production, two-thirds also thought it would help existing practitioners.

Your top ten topics/aspects for inclusion are:

building community engagement; embedding co-production approaches; engaging initial members; developing participants skills/abilities; encouraging innovation & flexibility; sustaining community involvement; empowering staff, volunteers & participants; monitoring soft & hard outcomes; ensuring effective relationships between professionals and participants; promoting mutuality and reciprocity.

There are now over 70 collaborators helping to co-produce the Resource:

  • 45 of you will complete a more detailed questionnaire (+12 maybes);
  • 42 are willing to be interviewed (+20 maybes);
  • 37 have offered to contribute case studies or other material (+24 maybes);
  • 17 organisations have agreed to take part in a half-day workshop (+18 maybes);
  • 28 (+27) of you will contribute to the design stage, and 31 (+27) will help to test the prototype.

Thanks to all of you!

I have now sent out a second Questionnaire to everyone who agreed to complete this. This will provide further detail on the Resource contents, and information on the projects you are involved in. Significantly, it is also intended to provide information on the knowledge, experience and understanding that you are able to contribute to the Resource. I’ll post further information about this once all the responses are in and I have had chance to analyse them.


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