Draft Contents 1

Given the the range of ideas and information you are sending me the most appropriate format for the Resource seems to be an interactive website. So that’s what this is based on – although this is just a diagram not a design visualisation. The contents are drawn from the responses to the first Questionnaire plus input from meetings/interviews with practitioners. An explanation of the diagram is below. Your thoughts?

  • The 3 ‘what is’ elements I imagine as animated films. We might also need a 4th one on ‘wellbeing’. Or we might not need a separate one on the core economy. Your call.
  • The forum is a normal forum.
  • ‘People’ is a list of participants and contact details, searchable by sector.
  • The boxes on the central process map will be clickable and will take you to information about the topics, probably via subheaded, keyword searchable lists of what’s available (this is the draft Stockport map, not the final version).
  • Tools, techniques and theories will be produced in whatever way communicates best but will generally be visual/aural rather than text-based.
  • Training and other resources will be lists of recommendations, by specialism and location in the case of ‘training’, by subject in the case of ‘other resources’.

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