Advisory Group

The CPR project now has its very own, luminescent and illustrious Advisory Group. They were selected to ensure geographical and sector breadth, to maximise the range of experience and expertise available, and on the basis that they had, in a moment of madness, ticked all or most of the participation options in Questionnaire 1.

AG members employ the Socratic method of debate on the thorny matter of the correct use of the semi-colon

They will act as a sounding-board for all important decisions and provide measured wisdom and sober judgement in the unlikely event of any disagreements.

In reverse alphabetical order (just for a change), I am proud to present:

Geoff Thomas: Chief Executive of Timebanking Wales where he helped initiate a number of inspirational projects including: Time 4 Young People, currently running in six Welsh boroughs and due to be rolled out across Wales; Time2Grow, an environmental time-bank intended to increase awareness of environmental, green, sustainability and biodiversity issues, and the Time Network which builds on the traditions of mutuality and community in Wales. He was previously Director of Wales Institute of Community Currencies.

Helen Sharp: strategic commissioning manager for the London Borough of Lambeth, leading on the commissioning aspects of the co-operative council programme for the Children and Young People’s Services. Helen has worked in the social care field for 18 years, firstly as a substance misuse worker for a large homelessness charity and then as a consultant undertaking training, needs assessment, policy and protocol development, and facilitating partnership-working for Local Authorities.

Keith Morris: director of Themos Ltd, an independent consultancy specialising in public sector strategy, leadership, and culture change. Describing himself as ‘an itinerant adviser and facilitator’, he has worked with government departments, councils, police forces and universities. Recently Keith has been working with the Department of Health, assisting local agencies to improve support for people with long-term conditions such as heart disease, MS or dementia, and helping NHS Central Lancashire develop a public engagement toolkit for GPs.

Pam Luckock: recently joined forces with three colleagues to establish the Coaching Network and social enterprise Coaching Well, both founded on co-production principles. She is working with another CIC, Patchwork Circles, to create timebanks that will provide coaching for wellbeing to local communities. Previously Pam worked for the NHS as Senior Equality Manager at the NHS Centre for Equality and Human Rights. She is an experienced mediator and action learning facilitator, and a member of the Public Service Management Wales coaching collaborative.

Dave Horton: Community Development Worker on the Communities First programme in Ely & Caerau where he has taken a lead in creating Action in Caerau & Ely, Ely’s first development trust. He also helped develop the Futurespace project which tackles fuel poverty and increases energy efficiency. Dave’s previous experience includes a job with the Frontier Youth Trust as a National Youth Work Development Advisor, and community work in Cape Town, South Africa, developing youth groups and intergenerational work.

Lesley Goodburn: Head of Community Relations at NHS North Staffordshire. She is currently leading the integration of public and patient involvement and patient-experience work across the Staffordshire cluster of PCTS, which includes NHS North Staffordshire, NHS Stoke on Trent and South Staffordshire PCT. Lesley is also undertaking a Department of Health funded project about customer insight and patient involvement with the newly formed Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Catriona Duncan-Rees: Stockport Council Adult Care Department’s co-production co-ordinator and transformation facilitator. She designed/facilitated the Big Care Debate, Dignity in Care Consultation, and the Doing it Differently event for Stockport Social Care Services. Catriona played a major role in co-producing a Day Services Commissioning Strategy for Adults of Working Age, and action plans for Stockport’s Learning Disability Resource Centre. She also ran a series of workshops that led to the publication of the Stockport Dementia Strategy.

Sarah Drummond: director of Snook, a social innovation and service-design group. In 2010, Sarah was sponsored by Skills Development Scotland to work alongside their Service Design and Innovation Directorate to implement the design process in their organization. She was the winner of the first Scottish Social Innovation Camp, and was awarded £20,000 for her ‘Get Go’ initiative which uses techniques and skills adopted from the service design process to co-produce a social enterprise that tackles crime. Sarah teaches these skills at Universities across Europe and America.

Ben Dineen: Time for Action Development Manager for Spice, a social enterprise/timebanking organisation. He is currently working with the Welsh Government to mitigate climate change through co-production and timebanking. He was previously the Sustainable Development Co-ordinator at Bryncynon Strategy where he set up the award-winning ‘Green Valley’ project. Prior to that he worked for many years in Mongolia, initially for VSO and then with HIPPO (primary health care projects) and for the Women for Social Progress organization.

Barbara Castle: Director of Community Involvement and Investment for multi-award-winning Bron Afon Community Housing in Wales. Barbara has been an Advisor to the Welsh Assembly Government on the Communities first Programme and sits on several Welsh Government Advisory Panels. She is a member of the Editorial board of Welsh Housing Quarterly. In 2010 Barbara was awarded an OBE for Services to Regeneration in Wales.

Tony Budak: currently Network Ambassador at Timebanks USA, Chief Executive /Coordinator at TimeBank Mahoning Watershed, and Internet Site Developer at Community Labor News. He has an MSc in Community Economic Development and a background in union activism at Packard which led to his election to the executive of the International Union of Electrical Workers-Communication Workers, becoming vice-chairman in 1996.

Martin Bontoft: award-winning user researcher, design strategist, writer and lecturer. Among other things, he advised the NHS Institute for Innovation & Improvement in their development of experience-based design material; he is a design associate for the Design Council’s  ‘Public Sector by Design’ programme; and he led a project with Derby and Leicester PCTs exploring the value of co-production within the commissioning process. Previously, Martin was on the leadership team of IDEO, the world’s most award-winning design consultancy.

Jonathan Atkinson: environmental biologist, artist, researcher, activist and musician. He is also the director of lowwintersun, a co-operative and third-sector consultancy working for clients such as nef, OXFAM, Co-operatives North West, and the Department for Energy and Climate Change. Initiatives include Carbon Co-op, Urban Research Collective, OpenSpace and Assemble. Jonathan previously worked for Ethical Consumer and Corporate Watch.

Just a tadge awesome. Thanks to all for agreeing to to be part of the Advisory Group.

It’s been suggested that I should include brief details about me here too (and not just by my mum). So…
Ruth Dineen: lecturer, educational consultant, external examiner, graphic designer, typophile, action-learning facilitator and rampant optimist. Currently Teaching & Learning Associate at Cardiff Metropolitan University, HEA Academic Associate and National Teaching Fellow, which actually means that I’m more or less free to do whatever I want to do. Which is this! Previously Head of Department of Creative Communications at Cardiff School of Art & Design.


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  1. Apologies – I tried a shortcut on the Advisory Group links which rather disturbingly turned everyone in to Geoff Thomas of Timebanking Wales. I think I’ve corrected it now but please let me know if all clicks continue to end up in Tredegar!

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