Reappearance (stage right) bearing gifts & news

All’s been going well at this end with Noreen still beavering prolifically, Keith being wise and practical as ever, and Zenno the wonderful funding consultant providing a list of potential funders for us to focus on. We’ve written the outline draft of the funding bid and are about to find a mutually inconvenient location somewhere between Cardiff and Carlisle to meet up to finalise form, costs and structure. And you are continuing to provide us with experience-based evidence that co-production really works.

I’m off to an Assets for Health Symposium in Wrexham tonight, clutching a co-pro poster which attempts to explain the what, why and who of co-pro. It struck me that this might be of more general use so I’ve attached it here and you are welcome to download it via this pdf link – co-production posterRD (poster designed by Liz Price:

In Wales generally, co-pro is really gaining ground with interest from all sectors and at all levels. We have a number of events planned for the Autumn including:

All in this Together 3: co-producing resilient communities is on 26 September, 1.30-4.30 at Cardiff City Hall (thanks to the Welsh Government for their support). Luminously glorious speakers include: Hazel Stuteley & Dr Jonathan Stead of the Health Empowerment Leverage Project & C2 Connecting Communities; Dawn Davies from Creation, the UK’s biggest timebank, and Nick Andrews from Swansea CC who is involved in a co-pro project to create communities in dementia care homes and is the lead convenor for OPAN (Older People & Ageing Research and Development Network) focusing on relationship-centred approaches. Sorry – all 100 tickets taken. Please add your name to the waiting list if you wish to attend.

We are now the largest regional group in the Co-pro Practitioners’ Network and our inaugural Wales CP Network meeting will be in Swansea Civic Centre on 4 October, 3.00-5.30. Presentations from: the delectable Paul Swannon Co-producing a Resilient Society, the awesome Megan Mathias from Kafka Brigade & Wales Public Services 2025 on two co-pro projects that Kafka is involved in, and the exquisite Rick Wilson from Community Lives Consortium on creating social social servicesAnd I’ll offer a catch-up on where we’re at with the co-pro revolution in Wales. All comers welcome – members and non-members, from Wales and across the border.

And a jolly mob of government officials and public sector professionals are going up to Scotland in October to meet up with Gerry Power, Co-pro Lead of the Scottish Government’s Joint Improvement Team and look at possibilities for celtic collaboration on the co-pro agenda. Thanks to Phill Chick of NLIAH (National Leadership and Innovation Agency for Healthcare) for organising that.

Happy co-prodding. May the sun continue to twinkle upon you.



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